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Criminal Defense

Bobby D. Mims

Tyler criminal defense and family law.
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Bruce S. Fox

Austin criminal defense.
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David B. Frank

Criminal defense lawyer, with offices in Austin.
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David Hunter Law Firm

Sugar Land criminal defense and juvenile defense.
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Everett W. Newton

Dallas criminal defense and traffic ticket law.
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Frank Jackson

Dallas criminal defense.
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Justice Information Center

Information on the U.S. criminal justice system, covering subjects including juvenile crime, law enforcement, corrections, and crime prevention, from the National Criminal Justice Reference Service.
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Justice: Denied

Monthly magazine which profiles the wrongly convicted and seeks assistance to free them. Also features current information about the justice system and prominent national cases.
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Overview of U.S. self-defense law.
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World Justice Information Network

Information gateway and research forum for the global community of criminal justice and legal professionals.
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